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The VIP Lounge (very important planner lounge) is a forum-based online community of wedding and event planners from around the world. Our community forums feature topics, advice, and information related to business, event design, wedding planning, and more.

Our free membership makes the forum easily accessible for both new and experienced wedding and event planners. Sign up today and become part of the number one online community for wedding and event planners!

Very Important Planners (VIP) Lounge Membership (FREE)

Kind Words from Other Wedding Planners

“This information provided the perfect introduction to the wedding industry. I couldn’t be more pleased by what I can take away from this class and can’t wait for future classes and guides.”

“I really enjoyed every aspect of this course. Debbie is very helpful and has a lot of experience in both planning and business. She inspires and motivates me to pursue my passion in this career choice. The course was user friendly, clear, great notes, and enjoyable to listen to each lecture. I recommend this for anyone with doubt, fear, questions, or thirst for knowledge in event planning.”

“In the Ultimate Business Success Checklist, they have laid out the perfect step-by-step guide to ensure that we are mindful of all the little (and not so little) things that can have a huge impact on our businesses and livelihood. This is definitely something I wish I had when I was still planning events.”

“So grateful for Planner’s Lounge right now! Getting the toolbox is the best money I’ve spent thus far!”

“I learned how to take the next step towards my dream career!”

“The Ultimate Business Success Checklist is awesome! It’s like having a mentor hold your hand without the price tag of private coaching. I believe this is beneficial to many business owners in the wedding industry and have referred planners as well as a few of my fellow friends who are in hair and makeup to purchase it as well.”

– Lisa DiBenedetto, Nightingale Events

“I’ve owned my business for several years and I thought I was organized until I read this book! The tasks provided are helping me streamline my practices and take my business to the next level. This checklist covers everything! And knowing that everything is covered gives me a huge peace of mind.”

Danielle Klobucher, Studio Eighteen

The Complete Wedding Budget Guide is full of great information and tools. I highly recommend it to wedding planners! I've come across many wedding planners that don't realize the depth of the liability, record keeping, and time management that is involved when you offer this service. The budget busters section is a great resource, as these are often overlooked and can really add up, causing "priority" items to be downsized or the budget having to be increased towards the end because they were not accounted for.”

-Carmen Mesa, Owner Carmen Mesa Events

“I love the priority checklist sheet! Having the clients fill this out helps to create a realistic picture of what is important to them and helps the planner make recommendations within their budget, or show them how much it will take to create what they want. The budget Excel template is easy to use and I like that you are able to add line items per category, as needed.”

“This guide takes all the mystery and headaches out of trying to figure out what needs to be done before you take your first client. It gets you started off on the path to success.”

“This guide truly guides you through all the essential components. (Plus some stand-out extras!) Complimenting the abundance of helpful information, this guide is not only beautiful, but it’s easy to digest. If you’re on the brink of leaping into your passion-turned-business, this will be one of the best initial investments you’ll make. Go on – make your first step! You can do it with this guide! This is a gift to the up-and-coming wedding and events industry entrepreneurs!”


“It’s an all-in-one resource that planners can refer to often. I wish I had this e-book when I started my business 5 years ago. I will be sure to refer to it often now to help me with my business! It’s concise and easy to read, yet extremely detailed. With this e-book, you will have many tools of the trade to get on your feet, stay organized, and succeed in the industry.”

“I have always struggled with pricing my services and worried about charging too much or too little. Now, thanks to the worksheet and guide, I know exactly which questions to ask, and can easily come up with a price that accurately reflects my time and expertise.”

“I sometimes have a hard time putting pen to paper to describe everything my packages include, and this guide gives you the base you need to write out perfect service descriptions. This is extremely helpful for setting client expectations, which I know, as wedding planners, we all struggle with from time to time. I also really loved that throughout the guide there were links to helpful articles and an entire resource section at the end for more information.”

“I highly recommend Pricing with Confidence to anyone in the event planning field. Confidence is key when it comes to setting your price structure and running your business. Now I can sleep at night because I know exactly what I do and why it costs this much!”

“Even though I send price points to potential clients before an initial consult, I still get super nervous that they will reject it or ask me to explain why it costs what it does. That makes me freeze up, and all of a sudden I don’t feel confident or know how to communicate why I charge what I do. This guide made everything clear to me. It gave me detailed options to build my custom planning packages plus worksheets to determine my pricing. Now I feel confident if a client asks why I charge what I do.”

"Just wanted to send you a thank you for the Planner’s Lounge Toolbox that I purchased. Vendors have given me numerous compliments recently on my very detailed timeline."

“Such a pleasure to purchase quality professional forms that I can edit to match my brand! Thank you for providing such a valuable resource.”

“I have to tell that I’m head over heels for the toolbox! So many practical things for a new or experienced wedding planner.”